220 NW 2nd Renovation

In 1984, 220 NW 2nd was envisioned as the beginning of a redevelopment renaissance for Old Town. But 45 years later, the redevelopment never happened and the neighborhood remains sleepy and small-scale. With the departure of the building’s anchor tenant, however, a major repositioning effort was suddenly possible.

The first challenge was to define a new vision that could re-energize the building and its site. SERA worked with the local developer, national investor, property manager, office and retail brokers and branding team thru a detailed visioning process. The goal was to identify high value interventions on both the interior and exterior of the property, making it feel more accessible and inviting as a destination while also increasing its desirability as a business location in order to support a stronger rent profile. We worked with Howard S. Wright Construction to identify target values for these interventions so that we could validate the scope before proceeding with Schematic Design and the Design Review process with the City.

The final design succeeds in these goals by creating stronger visual and pedestrian relationships between the street and the lobby and offering at-grade fitness and bike storage amenities for easier accessibility. A new lobby experience works in tandem with the crystal-like character of the exterior, and a new sunken living room creates a common amenity for building occupants, making a connection between internal retail and common conference amenities.

The renewed and re-energized 220 NW 2nd is no longer waiting for a neighborhood transformation. It now fulfills its original design vision as a shining landmark and welcoming gateway into the Old Town neighborhood from Portland’s Eastside.