AC Hotel Missoula

Located among the walkable streets and riverfront paths of downtown Missoula, Montana, the AC Hotel by Marriott offers an elevated guest experience while maintaining an approachability to the local community. The six-story, 105 guestroom hotel exudes the geology of the region inside and out, successfully marrying the European hotel brand to the casualness of its surroundings.

The custom-designed interior spaces are inspired by the patterns of human and animal traffic across the natural landscape, and are executed through materials referencing the local mining and timber industries. A sophisticated, neutral finish palette becomes the backdrop for textural explorations: vertical wood tambour with integrated lighting create the illusion of paths that traverse from the wall to the ceiling; ceiling baffles above reception and the bar imitate the movement of the water; and elegant stone intermingles with metal and glass create a glowing, polished geode at the bar.

SERA partnered with the neighboring Radius Gallery to commission locally-made art pieces that emphasize the nature-based concept of the hotel, while also highlighting local craft and materials.