Beaverton Downtown Design Project

SERA is leading a multi-disciplinary consultant team in the development of a comprehensive design strategy for Beaverton’s Downtown Design Project. This framework aims to implement the city’s 2010 Community Vision Action Plan for creating an economic, social and cultural heart of Beaverton.

The overarching goal is to create a vibrant downtown that is easily identified and attractive for private development. The first phase of this project defined a new Urban Design Framework for Downtown. It was crafted in collaboration with staff across multiple city departments, and based on extensive engagement with the public, downtown stakeholders and developers.

The Urban Design Framework solidifies Downtown Beaverton’s prominence and guides future development, improving connections between important and growing downtown destinations: the farmers market and library, historic Broadway, Restaurant Row, and a new food cart pod. The Framework offers an organizing structure for downtown that prioritizes pedestrians, provides an easily identifiable sense of arrival, and improves internal connectivity to promote a “park once and walk” model. It also reinforces existing and varying experiences by recognizing and developing distinct character areas and gateways.

Central to the Framework is The Loop. Coinciding with the existing Hall/Watson couplet between Crescent and 5th, The Loop will distinguish the core of downtown with prominent bike and pedestrian enhancements, improved intersections and crossings, and a distinct palette of fixtures and materials. The Loop’s prominence will help brand the future downtown Beaverton experience.

Based on the adopted Urban Design Framework, SERA is currently executing the second phase of the Downtown Design Project: Development Code Updates and Connectivity Concept Design.