Blanchet House of Hospitality

Founded in 1952, Blanchet House of Hospitality is a non-profit organization offering free meals, beds and jobs for the area’s homeless population. SERA’s design for the four-story new Blanchet House of Hospitality is located adjacent to the former building in Portland’s Old Town/Chinatown district.



Blanchet House of Hospitality


Blanchet House of Hospitality


Completed 2012


Portland, OR


LEED NC Platinum Certified



More space to meet a pressing need

The new building provides more space for the Blanchet House’s needs, including a larger soup kitchen and three floors of residential rooms with a central shared bathroom, laundry and community room on each floor.

A new building that ties in with its surroundings

The building’s design serves to enhance the surrounding historic neighborhood and provide a positive, supportive space for the people who will use it on a daily basis. SERA took design cues from the nearby buildings to shape the massing, scale and rhythm of the new building.

Design details that matter

The design follows a traditional tri-part pattern with a glazed base, brick middle, and a defined cornice line. Balconies were added as an amenity, with the guardrail details referencing the nearby Chinese Garden.

Identifying goals, with the climate in mind

SERA provided integrated design services starting with the eco-charrette and climate analysis. By listening to the client’s goals and designing the building with climate requirements in mind, we were able to eliminate mechanical systems within the units, utilizing a super-insulated envelope.

Smart systems that manage resources

The project will receive over $300,000 in incentives for the project, allowing the project to incorporate one of the city’s largest rainwater harvesting systems, energy-efficient lighting, extra insulation, thermally-broken low-e windows, and a 2,500 sf eco-roof that, together with the rainwater tank, allows for 100% of the stormwater to be managed on site and used for toilet flushing.


IIDA Interior Design Excellence Awards Recipient, 2013, Public /Institutional Category

IIDA Interior Design Excellence Awards Recipient, 2013, Against All Odds Category