Eugene Riverfront Master Plan

The Power of Narrative: Reestablishing a city’s connection to its historic lifeblood by considering "where the city meets the river."



Eugene Riverfront Master Plan


Atkins Dame, Inc.


20 acre project area, 4.4 acres public open space, 420-1213 residential units, 11-22k SF retail


Entitled 2018


Eugene, OR


Fulfilling a long-held dream for the city and its residents with the transformation of an industrial site into a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood

The Eugene Riverfront Master Plan exemplifies what’s possible with innovative, flexible infrastructure. The plan provides for pedestrian-friendly streets, an extension of existing retail vibrancy, and urban housing, all with a connection to nature that recognizes the diverse, historical importance of the river.

Access to the river; the intersection of community and nature

The new district provides access to the river by extending 5th Avenue, an existing retail center. The new pedestrian-friendly extension draws the community to the natural resource of the river.

Public amenities and parks keep the community focus

The public Riverfront Park protects access, while providing overlooks, walking paths, seating areas, decks, bike paths, and native ecology for the community. A regional trail provides views across the river and an additional park connects to downtown.