Google Cloud Space

Located within the larger Moffett Place 4 building, Cloud Space is where Google Cloud will introduce itself to potential partners and returning customers. Intended to function as a unique learning environment, Cloud Space provides the dynamic spaces and engaging experiences critical to developing and deepening client relationships.

The unique challenge for SERA on this project was establishing a coherent vision for the program and space simultaneous to the client developing its product’s identity and visual branding. Working with a diverse array of creative and technical teams, SERA’s architectural concept is an adaptable canvas that supports permanent exhibits and temporary interactive installations, and crafts moments that form the basis for an engaging learning environment. Visitors – ranging from CIOs of global enterprises to teams of rising startups – are welcomed with a feeling of warmth and generosity that is supported by ample daylight and easily accessible interactive exhibits. This reduces dependence on traditional conference room learning.

Because Cloud Space is housed in a larger building with other uses, SERA created a distinctive, separate entry that personalizes the welcoming experience. Inside the lobby, a dramatic two-story LED wall (designed by Deeplocal) conveys customized content for each partner organization. Visitors ascend an extraordinarily thin steel staircase to arrive in an expansive exhibit hall overlooking the client’s campus. Here, interactive installations encourage hands-on exploration. A large kitchen and lounge punctuate the center of the facility, allowing guests to share in the client’s trademark diverse food culture. Conference rooms are strategically clustered to maximize shared daylight and support more structured elements of the guest journey.