Independence UGB Concept Plan + 2020 Vision

A Design Team including GreenWorks, Kittelson, and SERA assisted the City of Independence in developing the Urban Growth Boundary Concept Plan for SW Independence. The Preferred Concept Alternative improves connectivity of the transportation system through design of a comprehensive street network and circulation plan that includes pedestrian, bicycle, street and potential public transit connections within the site and to other parts of southern Independence and Monmouth.

The concept plan also identifies compatible residential and ancillary commercial land uses that will reduce the need for vehicle trips, maximize the efficiency of public transportation, and offer multi-modal transportation options. The plan addresses development requirements in an efficient and sustainable manner that maximizes the use of the available lands while protecting natural resources. Overall concepts include a parks and trail system integrated with the open space components to protect the natural resources while providing access to nature for the new community. Project team members actively engaged property owners, businesses, residents, stakeholders, elected and appointed officials and community members during a 4-day design Charrette.