Interiors: Wellness

Wellness focused spaces are part of our design ethos. These well-designed spaces have the potential to influence our physical health, as well as our emotional state of mind.

Balance, rejuvenation, and healthy living

Wellness covers many dimensions - from fitness to joyful experiences, nutrition and relaxation. It also means creating and living in spaces that nourish our body and mind.

Creating and living in spaces that nourish both our body and mind is a vital aspect of holistic wellness.

These spaces provide a harmonious balance, offering solace and rejuvenation while promoting positive energy and fostering a sense of tranquility.

Healing through natural materials

The Spa at Saltwood is an experience focused on wellness. Inspired by the healing properties of nature: salt, to purify, and wood, to connect. Saltwood residents experience moments of thoughtful serenity and rejuvenation while being surrounded by natural materials, textures and colors reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest.

The harmony of biophilia

Interior design begins with human experience by considering the physical, mental and emotional needs of people. As designers, we are inspired by the natural world and the integration of biophilic moments, celebrating how we live, work and learn with nature.

An artful experience of inside and outside

Natural daylight, views, and connection to nature play an integral role in the design of interior spaces. This communal space blurs the line between indoors and outdoors - working seamlessly together.