NW Portland Hostel Addition

Located in the Alphabet Historic District of Northwest Portland, NW Portland Hostel expanded their three-building operations with this 13,000 sf new building addition. The five-story building includes a public café, lobby, reception space and common room for guests on the ground floor. While the three middle floors contain a mix of private and dorm-style rooms, the top floor consists of a private residential unit for the hostel owners.

Due to its location, the project required going through a Land Use Review and Design Review process during design. SERA also met with the neighborhood association on multiple occasions to get their feedback and engagement in the project.

Overall, the design combines the neighborhood aesthetics with a modern European lodging style that reflects the Portland ethos. Design features include cast iron balconies, an overhanging cornice and bay windows. Sustainable features include LED lighting throughout, low-VOC finishes and a highly efficient hydronic heating and cooling system.