PlyPAD Sleeping Pod

Following SERA’s first sleeping pod design for the POD Initiative, SERA developed a second concept using plywood and the automated precision of CNC technology to boost affordability and simplify replication. PlyPAD consists of a series of interchangeable modules that can be prefabricated to fit a resident’s desired layout. In concept, the modules are factory assembled and shipped to a site, where they can be quickly connected with bolts and cap flashing.

Designed as one measure to help address homelessness, PlyPAD features a bed, storage and work area, as well as clerestory windows, and a porch with a built-in bench. Interchangeable modules maximize the flexibility of the program and would allow residents to expand their sleeping pods if desired.

Drawing inspiration from Portland Architect John Yeon’s use of affordable plywood panel modules, the construction material provides PlyPAD with structure and rigidity, as well as a modern aesthetic.

In June, SERA’s PlyPAD was chosen from a group of other designs to be built. In August 2017, the sleeping pod will be constructed for public view in the Portland Art Museum’s plaza.

Download the PlyPAD display board (1.42 MB PDF).