Red Soils Master Plan

SERA created the Red Soils Master Plan to consolidate all of county governmental functions on a single, 68-acre pedestrian-oriented campus. In creating this plan, over 50 of the county’s buildings were analyzed and individual staff members were interviewed to best determine projected growth, workflow, and configuration. A projected total building area of 700,000 square feet will include office space for all administrative functions, social service facilities, county justice and corrections needs, as well as a new county courthouse. Office and retail buildings will ensure the master plan is a truly mixed use project.

The major public buildings, sited for maximum solar gain, are located along a meandering landscaped spine that affords pleasant pedestrian movement between buildings. Native vegetation and sculpted bioswales are the major design elements, evoking the natural landscapes of Clackamas County while providing stormwater retention and filtration. A large centrally located plaza will provide a visual connection between the courthouse entrance and Mount Hood, the County’s icon to the east.

SERA designed the Development Services Building, and oversaw its LEED Gold certification. In addition, SERA has worked with the County to periodically update the master plan due to new opportunities or other considerations. Most recently, SERA is creating an update to incorporate the newly purchased Silver Oaks building.