Stonebrook Farm to Table Village

Tapped to design a neighborhood within the Stonebrook master planned community, SERA developed a concept embracing the land’s farming and ranching past while envisioning a walkable village complete with new residential neighborhoods, parks and roads.

Working within an approved master plan framework, our team started by engaging the Andelin Family Farm, an active and historic presence adjacent to the project. While more recent residential developments are oriented away from the farm, we decided to embrace it for its connection to the past and as a marketing differentiator. Using open space, stormwater detention ponds and our street and block pattern, the neighborhood engages the farm property, blurring the boundary between neighborhood and farm.     

Radiating from the village, the street and block pattern engage Stonebrook Parkway at two new roundabouts that slow traffic while announcing the neighborhood village. Along the parkway, courtyard residential pods are oriented perpendicular to the parkway, creating a rhythm of green courtyards and residences that transition from denser alley-fed products to more traditional single family homes. Within the neighborhoods, small pocket parks and larger neighborhood parks create identity and add value to the surrounding homes and broader community. 

The resulting neighborhood is unique within the Stonebrook community – a destination and community hub that fully engages the historic agricultural uses of the land.