The Overland

To build community in an area dominated by big box stores and surface parking lots, our team approached The Overland first from an urban design perspective. Zooming down to the human scale, our design illustrates the transitioning area’s potential for becoming a vibrant, pedestrian-oriented destination.

A short walk from a forthcoming light rail station, the streetscape features new stormwater planters, bike lanes and ample bike parking – all with keeping the pedestrian in mind. The project itself is broken into two buildings to establish a smaller block rhythm that’s both walkable and helps to differentiate the properties. Active storefronts with wide sidewalks build connections to interior amenities, like a fitness center and coworking spaces.

Interior public spaces further differentiate the buildings; one reflecting the moody twilight on the rocky coast, and the other celebrating the playful summer haze of Mt. Hood.

By infusing a mix of housing and retail, introducing a new scale of development, and creating safe and appealing conditions for active mobility, The Overland is an urban prototype amid a changing suburb.