Tilt-Up Campus Transformation (Confidential)

Teaming with Fortis Construction on this Design-Build project, SERA delivered a cohesive and unifying design for five existing buildings in a campus setting. Nondescript, single-story 1980s tilt-ups, each building needed to meet the client’s high workplace design standards, support significant brand content integration, and give employees at the new campus an experience paralleling that of the company’s renowned world headquarters.

Begun prior to master planning for the site, the SERA team applied urban thinking to maximize pedestrian connectivity between the five buildings. New entry lobbies cut the long, narrow buildings into two sections each and pair the buildings across common courtyards. Small building additions or ‘pop-outs’ extend office spaces directly into the landscaped courtyards. The lobby areas feature common kitchens and lounge areas that serve as campus-wide gathering spaces.

The design for interior spaces focuses on human health and natural systems – increasing daylight and spatial organization that maximizes the connection to adjacent outdoor spaces. New openings in the building shell give grand views to the exterior, providing ideal settings for new social spaces inside.

Celebrating the openness of the 400 foot long, 18-foot tall buildings, the design team introduced intimacy amid grandiosity by creating desk ‘neighborhoods’ of varying size, divided by freestanding groupings of offices, phone rooms and shared collaboration work areas.

Gathering destinations such as kitchens, conference rooms and informal lounges are distributed throughout to encourage movement and ‘casual collisions’ – a guiding principle of the client meant to foster cross-team collaboration. Circulation is differentiated between express and meandering pathways, providing choice in such a large space.