The Village at Lagoon Valley

Between Vacaville and Fairfield lies Lagoon Valley, a master planned community over 30 years in the making. Working with Triad Development, SERA developed a vision for the new, mixed-use Village Center, a pedestrian-oriented public square that will attract new residents and companies to the community. 

Our master plan is organized around a central 6-acre public park activated around all edges by commercial offices, affordable townhomes and single-family residences. To encourage walking and bicycling, buildings are located close to the sidewalks, creating a human-scaled streetscape with space preserved for large canopy trees providing shade during the hot summer season. 

With existing limitations on development height and density for office, residential, retail and open space, our plan optimizes placemaking, walkability and development flexibility for Triad. The village square will be the community’s social heart and increase sales for the adjoining residential and commercial parcels.  

Our team was integrally involved throughout the planning process with the City, and successfully entitled the project, which is now under construction. Over the next several years, Lagoon Valley is poised to become one of the Bay Area’s next great neighborhoods.