Photo Essay: A Century of Pedestrianism

by | April 13, 2012 2 Urban Design + Planning

Great cities are made up of great neighborhoods, and in Portland the best neighborhoods are those that are the most walkable. Sellwood, where (full disclosure) a few SERA employees reside, is one such neighborhood – a rational grid of Craftsman homes, great parks, a library, an historic outdoor pool, and a Main Street stocked with well-loved local businesses. Knitting all of this together is a series of comfortable, well-built sidewalks, most of which are now a century old. We know their age because the sidewalks tell us; they are indelibly stamped with the names of long-defunct firms who, despite the weather-beaten monikers and logos, have been lost to history.

Here, then, is a quick photo essay, digitally memorializing those who helped make some of Portland’s most livable streets.

Sellwood Sidewalk Stamp 3

Sellwood Sidewalk Stamp 6

Sellwood Sidewalk Stamp 10

Sellwood Sidewalk Stamp 11

Sellwood Sidewalk Stamp 12

Sellwood Sidewalk Stamp 14

Sellwood Sidewalk Stamp 15

Sellwood Sidewalk Stamp 16

Sellwood Sidewalk Stamp 18

And, because we couldn’t resist, here’s a quick photo-reminder that sidewalks are not just for walking. Livable streets are those on which your (then-)three-year-old can sit down and demand both a snack and a story, and you are happy to oblige.

Sidewalk Sitting


  1. We Sellwoodites (Sellwoodians? Sellwoodans?) aren’t just SERA employess, but unless there’s someone I’m missing, we’re all in the Urban Design + Planning Studio. 🙂

  2. I enjoyed the piece and have noticed the sidewalk monikers often. Perhaps hiring more would benefit the Sera architectural piece of this Urban Design + Planning studio we are all in.

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