Project Spotlight: Burnside 26

by | October 14, 2014 0 Architecture, Interior Design

Burnside 26 is located in the heart of Portland’s thriving eastside dining and imbibing hotspots. Within four blocks of this SERA project, patrons at Ken’s Artisan Pizza or Screen Door can be found lining up outside for a table. And it’s not for lack of competition – the other 62 restaurants in the small radius are buzzing too.

With more than 28 cafes and bars, and 44 unique shops, this area is an urban dweller’s paradise.

The vibrant neighborhood influenced SERA’s design of Burnside 26.

The area’s mix of industrial, residential and commercial structures – new and historic – inspired a development that’s modern but warm, designed to be comfortable on a human scale. With a rooftop lounge, oversized windows and ground floor apartments that open to the street, Burnside 26 communes with its surroundings.

This project captures the market need for efficient living with ample neighborhood amenities. The team at SERA is proud to create a neighborhood hub in a formerly underutilized space.

Take a peek inside Burnside 26

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