Project Spotlight: Argyle Winery Tasting House

by | September 25, 2015 0 Architecture, Interior Design

This month’s grand opening of the new Argyle Winery Tasting House marks a major update for the 28-year-old winery in Dundee, Oregon.

Working with Argyle, SERA set out to create a world-class wine tasting experience that preserves the history of the site and builds on Argyle’s spirit of evolution and reinvention. The new Tasting House does just that. By adapting the existing structures and repurposing a number of materials on site, we’ve crafted a space that recalls the past and sparks a conversation about this iconic winery’s future.

Take a look at the new Argyle Winery Tasting House:

The transformation at Argyle Winery began with a master plan of the 2.5 acre site. A new entry pavilion repurposed from the former production facility leads guests to the heart of the site – the new Tasting House.


Former tank pads remain under the pavilion and provide a place to gather, surrounded by a landscape offering seasonal visual and aromatic variety. Cistus Design & Nursery selected West Coast native plants that use 80 percent less water than the previous garden.


Inside the Tasting House – a converted 8,000-square foot warehouse – visitors are greeted by a long bar crafted of Douglas fir salvaged from the former buildings. Contractor Lease Crutcher Lewis carefully removed the wood during deconstruction, giving it new life as shelving, tables and paneling throughout the site. A locally forged, custom light design above the bar reflects the excitement of popping open an award-winning bottle of Argyle sparkling wine.


A new retail area, The Argyle Reserve Cellar, displays the full line of Argyle wines available for purchase, and acts doubly as a semi-private gathering space. Fashioned from riddling racks, the oversized barn doors can be pushed or pulled to enclose the space; the perforated screening of the racks allowing generous natural light within.


A climate-controlled wine library showcases more than 4,000 bottles, giving collectors an exclusive browsing experience not traditionally offered at other wineries.


The modern, spacious update of Argyle Winery’s Tasting House not only allows staff to better serve guests, it beckons the public to taste, learn, gather and relax. Sliding glass walls ease their transition between the Tasting House, porch, garden and pavilion, fostering a seamlessly enjoyable experience.

See it for yourself! Visit Argyle Winery for hours.

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