SERA-designed piano finds home at The Dougy Center

by | September 19, 2017 0 Ideas

Earlier this summer a group of SERA volunteers made-over a piano bound for the junkyard for the program Piano.Push.Play. Our piano and eight others were stationed throughout the city all summer for the public to enjoy.

Now that summer’s over, we’re happy to hear that our piano has found a permanent home at The Dougy Center – a nonprofit that gives children and their families who are grieving a death a safe place to share their experiences.

The Dougy Center shared their gratitude on Facebook:

Cheers again to the team on this effort: Amber Ghory, Andrea de la Vega, Eileen Marr, Greg Carlson, Julia Morris, Lindsey Johnson, Mina Lee, Reid Weber, Tim Bestor, and Vania Nguyen!

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