Implementing Biophilic Design at Living Future unConference

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Join SERA this May for Living Future’s unConference, where we’ll be presenting “Biophilia – from Theory to Culture to Action.”

In an ongoing, grassroots effort at SERA, our staff is exploring biophilic design – simply put, how environments with natural characteristics impact health and wellbeing – and how it can enrich projects, support cultural values, and lead to positive outcomes for occupants.

As biophilic design theory attempts to make a broad impact in the practical world, a relatable and adaptable language is needed to facilitate design and communicate its value. In this session, our designers share SERA’s bottom-up and top-down process for normalizing biophilic design and its values in any organization ready to assimilate this familiar yet growing base of knowledge. This interactive event includes a history of our process, lessons learned, breakout discussion and of course, advice for moving forward.

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Guests will find it beneficial to have a basic understanding of Biophilia, its patterns, and the available resources.

About Living Future unConference

Proud 2018 Enterprising SponsorThe International Living Future Institute is hosting its 12th annual unConference, Living Future 2018, May 1-4, 2018 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon.

This three-day event will bring together Authenticity and Action as individuals and organizations with unique backgrounds, experiences and personalities gather to create unified action toward a living future. Keynote speakers—conservationist Terry Tempest Williams and activist Raj Patel—will kick off the event on Wednesday night and Thursday morning with inspiring messages for attendees.

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