50 Years Strong and Looking Ahead

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This year, we’re celebrating a special milestone at SERA: our 50th anniversary.

Few firms can celebrate this achievement. In fact, less than 10 percent of firms nationally have been in existence longer.

Joe Pinzone, Managing Principal

I joined SERA in 1996, not only because the firm was engaged in important renovation projects like City Hall, Pioneer Courthouse and the Multnomah Hotel, but because I saw a strength in leadership from Bing Sheldon and Don Eggleston. They founded this firm on the principles of solid design, client service and community engagement. They had a courageous goal to change the city of Portland and to save the amazing and iconic buildings that make up our urban fabric.

Their vision for SERA was a firm where leadership was always forward facing and visionary.

The past decade has shown us the worst recession since the Great Depression and the largest economic boom since WWII. SERA has weathered these tumultuous times because of what we’ve long-held as our most valuable asset – our staff. Tireless, dedicated and passionate, our employee-owners are at the core of SERA.

We have achieved much together, we’re resilient and we should all be proud of our 50-year history. And while it is easy to bask in the glow of our past accomplishments, it is far more important to look forward and navigate the waters ahead.

As we look to the next 50 years and beyond, I am encouraged to see amazing, community-changing projects in our portfolio like the redevelopment of the OMSI property and quality, sustainable housing across the Portland metro area. I am excited about the opportunities to work our magic in the Bay Area with a new Oakland office. I am energized by our continuing commitment to community service as demonstrated by our work with great nonprofit clients like Portland Playhouse, Central City Concern and The Blanchet House of Hospitality. And I look forward to furthering our research and practice in the fields of biophilic design, resiliency and restorative architecture.

Yes, the future will have challenges; and if the past has taught us anything it is that SERA is well positioned to not only survive, but thrive! What matters now is what we do next. The challenges and opportunities and what we do with them will define who we are.

Thanks to our staff, partners and clients for helping launch the next 50 years of SERA. Together, we will build on the vision of our founders – creating healthy, sustainable and enriching places for everyone.

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  1. Valerie Williams-Hurwitz says |

    Well said, Joe! SERA’s longevity and innovative spirit are very inspiring.

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