SERA Celebrates Chinese New Year!

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Last week, in celebration of the Chinese New Year, our teammates shared their cultural and family traditions, food and drink, games and unique customs – all colorful and yummy.

Enjoy photos from the event, which included:

Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts)
When he’s not designing, Travis Dang teaches martial arts at Summit Wushu Academy. Wushu is an exciting, acrobatic Chinese martial art that most might know as Kung Fu. Performing Wushu is a big part of celebrating the Chinese New Year, and a few members of the Summit Wushu team gave a rousing demonstration!

Chinese New Year Stories
Sharing and interactions are the spirit of New Years gatherings across Asia, and so our employees took the floor with their very own New Years memories and fun facts – cultural and familial!

Wishes in Lucky Envelopes
Calligraphy is a type of visual art form in pre-modern China, using a cake of carbon-based ink and an animal-hair brush. During the Chinese New Year, it’s a tradition to write your wishes and post them on your door. Yi Wang graciously customized personal greetings for staff.

Lunar New Year Cuisine
Food is the most important part of the New Years celebration. Since different Asian cultures celebrate the holiday with different cuisine, staff offered various snacks and drinks from China, Korea and Vietnam.

Happy New Year!

Chinese New Year at SERA

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