Missed Our Discussion on Active Mobility? Stream It Here!

by | June 19, 2020 0 Ideas, Urban Design + Planning

Covid-19 and social distancing requirements have changed how we engage outdoors, how we commute, travel and recreate — in many ways for the better!

Earlier this month, we brought together a panel of active mobility experts in the Bay Area to help answer the question on many of our minds: How do we leverage this moment to make lasting investments in active mobility, improving equitable access to open spaces, jobs and services; designing smarter infrastructure by listening to the needs of our communities; and improving both the environment and public health?

The panelists offered their perspectives, presented their own questions and findings, and fielded questions submitted by viewers.

+ Erica Strohmeier, Moderator, Urban Planner at SERA

+ Chris Hwang, President of Walk Oakland Bike Oakland

+ Megan Gee, Transportation Planner at ARUP

+ Craig Schoenberg, Transportation Engineer at Toole Design

We recorded the event, which you can stream here:

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