New Video Podcast: ‘What’s a Sustainability Action Plan?’

by | December 3, 2020 3 Ideas, Sustainability

At SERA, we published our first Sustainability Action Plan (PDF) in 2011, with multiple updates since then. Earlier this year, we published our most recent—and extensive—version, which includes some new topics and a great deal of information about both the latest thinking in the industry, and some of the recent work we’ve done which explores these topics.

In our first-ever video podcast, our Director of Sustainability Mark Perepelitza and Senior Associate Beth Lavelle introduce the 2020 SAP, kicking off a series of conversations about a few of its chapters. In future episodes, we’ll dive into biophilia, innovative new thoughts on resource management, the role of planning in sustainability, and other topics. Each of these discussions could last for hours, but we’ll keep them short, focus on the latest and most relevant areas, and invite you to download the document itself to dive deeper.

Welcome to SERA’s Sustainability Action Plan—enjoy!


  1. Jeff Roberts says |

    Congratulations, on an insightful and important podcast for sharing SERA’s culture and awareness of the approach to the sustainable work we do for the built environment.

  2. Mary Ann Lazarus says |

    Excellent work on your Sustainability Action Plan and thanks for sharing it to the benefit of all. I’m interested if your Project Compass process has address the AIA’s Framework for Design Excellence and its approach and resources. They seem to have very similar goals.

    • Mark Perepelitza says |

      Thanks Mary Ann! Yes, the team that put together the compass referenced multiple sources including the AIA Cote Top Ten Toolkit (now AIA Design Excellence Framework), LEED, LBC, WELL, JUST, and others. As the AIA Framework and our Project Compass continue to evolve, we will continue to recalibrate. We appreciate the work that you and the group put into that. It’s great to see the significant increase in the reach of the AIA Framework to include Design Excellence!

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