Resilience Hubs: Helping communities flourish

Where would you go for support during an emergency? Imagine that because of wildfire, earthquake, extreme weather, or some other disruption, your home can’t provide the basics that you need to survive.

Resilience Hubs: Design solutions that help communities flourish

SERA Housing Principal Gauri Rajbaidya selected for governor's housing council

What do we mean by evolved design?

Our values: What SERA believes

The first annual DIGGY Awards!

New leaders at SERA in 2023

SERA and Just: The intersection of diversity and inclusion

Tipsu Palach Park: The gift of outdoor gathering

Addressing the climate crisis with embodied carbon benchmarking

Caring for the planet, and ourselves

SERA Academy: Why emerging professionals love SERA

Fostering creativity in the SLAB

SERA at Galleria: Professional development through human experience

The future is bright with AR and VR technologies

Erin Reome and resilience

SERA’s Offices: One firm’s answer to the big workplace question

Indigenous People’s Day 2022

Interview with Trevor Parham, Founder of Oakstop, an Oakland-based co-working space that centers communities of color

The Galleria: Celebrating SERA's New Space

SERA’s Tim Smith awarded FAICP Fellowship

SERA Celebrates New Leaders in Portland and Oakland!

Q&A With Natasha Koiv: Principal for 36 Years, retiring in 2022

Collaborative climate solutions start with carbon benchmarking

Previewing SERA’s New Galleria Headquarters (with Renderings!)

Back to the future: How we chose a longtime project as our new Portland HQ

Combating climate change: A study of embodied carbon

SERA and OBBF: Partnering with Our Oakland Neighbors

Design Through the Lens of Biomimicry

Can a Broken Urban Park Be Fixed? Portland’s O’Bryant Square: Part 3

Can a Broken Urban Park Be Fixed? Portland’s O’Bryant Square: Part 2

Can a Broken Urban Park Be Fixed? Portland’s O’Bryant Square: Part 1

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