LinkedIn Middlefield Campus

This project for LinkedIn unified three existing, disparate office buildings and their asphalt surroundings into an intuitive, cohesive and environmentally-conscious campus in Mountain View, Calif. The result is an inspiring destination that fosters community and provides employees access to an array of amenities and unique places.

Originally a project awarded to SERA by Google in 2015, the campus changed hands in a property deal with LinkedIn in 2016. SERA worked with LinkedIn to adapt select areas of the project to meet its specific and unique operational needs, teaming with XL Construction to realize the 300,000 sf project.

Onsite, a central promenade organizes circulation through a series of pathways and bridges. The structure spans a 5-acre meadow that’s irrigated through innovative and ecologically-sensitive water capture strategies.

At each of the three buildings, entries were reoriented to maximize connectivity to the meadow. On the interior, front porches lead to new, prominent stairways and skylit entry lobbies, further reinforcing this relationship between outdoor an indoor environments. Shared amenities along the perimeters of the buildings, including a fitness center, juice and coffee bar, and 500-seat café, attract users to views of the meadow.

Wellness was a core strategy for the interior planning of Middlefield. The addition of large skylights, clerestories and solar tubes allow daylight to reach the entirety of each building’s deep floorplates. Teams of between 30 and 60 people are arranged around collaboration and social gathering areas – spaces dedicated to meetings, games, music, phone calls and lounging – creating neighborhoods that break down the large floorplates.

Brand and identity graphics were provided by Gensler.